CCCPTA Awards!

Each year in April, the Chesterfield County Council PTA hosts an Annual Dinner to celebrate the successes of the local PTA units, leaders, and schools. Local Unit PTAs and PTSAs are eligible to receive two types of awards: (1) awards that do not require an application but are given automatically if a local unit has completed the award requirements, and (2) awards that do require an application by the local unit to CCCPTA and are based on specific eligibility requirements.

This year Bettie Weaver went home with 6 awards!

  • Applause Award

  • Gold Star Award

  • 100% Membership

  • 100% Teacher Membership

  • Outstanding Service Award - we won this based on our

  • Outreach program with Chalkely Elementary.

  • Innovation Award - we won this based on our new STEAM club initiatives.

Thank you to all the volunteers and committee chairs for all the hard work!


Despite being new to STEAMmania, the BWE STEAM TEAM brought their energy and A-game! Each group of students were judged on their problem-solving and teamwork abilities within a STEAM-inspired category. Of the ten different categories Weaver students participated in, they placed in three of them. In the K-2nd grade age group, Mick Broadbent, Liam Houston, Sam Hutchins, and Ashten Long took home first place in the Art / Science category. Andrew Gamache, Ryland Montgomery, and Elyse Witherspoon placed third in the Math / Science category. In the 3rd – 5th grade age group, Lena Brockbank, Madison Dunham, and Sarah Vermaaten placed third in the Art / Science category. Many Weaver groups placed in the top ten, and everyone had a good time.

For a complete list of the winners, including the top ten and superlatives list, visit https://sites.google.com/a/…/ccpssteam/2018-mania-highlights 
For more Weaver photos from the day visit: https://photos.app.goo.gl/N06LdB9mrfsSVOLU2

Congratulations and well done to all who participated!

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